Cowrywise: How to Earn ₦1,000 each from Referral and Registration Bonus

Do you want to make some extra money on Cowrywise?

If so, then you should check out Cowryrise Referral Program!

This program allows you to earn ₦30,000 every week just by referring your friends and family members to the platform.

Currently, for every new user you refer to the apps, Cowrywise gives N1,000 in addition to an N1,000 registration bonus.

What is CowryWise?

Cowrywise AppCowryrise is a savings and investment platform that allows users to save money and invest in high-yield assets. Withdrawals are processed instantly, so you can start earning money right away.

You may begin your savings and investments with a little amount of money on the periodic plans, thanks to Cowrywise. The program also includes four distinct Features that you can pick based on your financial goals. Here are some of them:

  • Regular Savings: You can choose this option if you want to save for a minimum of three months. If you opt for this choice, you’ll receive an interest rate of 10% to 15% per year.
  • Life Goals: You may make a payment toward a target objective on Cowrywise. Your aim might be to establish a new business or pay existing bills like home rent. It could also be to plan your trip abroad. The minimum term for life goals is one year, regardless of what you want.
  • Halal Savings: A good choice for Muslims who do not want to save their money with interest. This saving function is free of interest rates for people who do not wish to have interest payments.
  • Savings Circle: It encourages people to set goals as a group and save money for a cause or a group project.
  • Affiliate Program: You can also earn money by getting new users to join the app through your referral code. The current offer is for N1,000 per successful invite, so you receive free N1,000 if you refer a valid user.

With Cowrywise, you have a stronger motivation to save money. Consumers are more likely to save and even invest their funds if rates are greater.

How to Earn ₦1,000 per referral on Cowrywise

Cowrywise App Referral Bonus

To start accumulating money on Cowrywise, you must first register and become a verified member. To join Cowrywise, go to the link below:

  • Download Cowrywise app From PLAYSTORE or Register Online
  • Install & Open the Cowrywise app then click the SIGNUP button.
  • Fill in your Email address, verify it with the OTP that was sent to your mailbox
  • After that, fill in the important information like Name, Phone number, password and Referral Code “ABDULFQO”

NOTE: After you input your phone number and password, tap on Got an invite code? then input ABDULFQO”

  • After you have successfully entered “ABDULFQO” as the referral code, click on CONTINUE then enter your preferred username and Create your account.

Congratulations, you are done with the first step.

The next step now is how to make money on the app by saving or referring.

How to get your registration Bonus by Saving on Cowrywise

Creating your first saving plan of 500 naira on Cowrywise will get you 1,000 naira as your registration bonus. Registration bonuses are given to new users on Cowrywise. These bonuses are sums of money that can be withdrawn when the account matures.

To get your registration bonus and be able to refer to Cowrywise, you have to activate your account by saving a sum of N500 on the app to get your free N1,000 registration bonus. The N500 you save will still be on your account and you will be able to withdraw it once its maturity date alongside the N1,000 registration bonus.

  • Go to the Cowrywise App > Menu Bar (at the top left corner)
  • Click on Plan then click + Create New Savings Plan.
  • You need to choose regular savings and select “don’t automatically pay for your subscription every month when prompted by the app.”
  • You will be prompted for an amount to save. Type N500 into the box next to Amount Saved.
  • Set 3 months as your preferred maturity date for your savings.
  • Then, after confirming your input, choosePaymentMethod
  • Click + New Card then click Create button
  • You’ll be able to log into your account by entering your credit/debit card number, pin code, etc., at which point you’ll be prompted to complete the payment.

You will receive your N1000 bonus when you successfully deposit at least N500 into your account.

How to make money with the Cowrywise referral program

  • Tap Menu at the top left corner of your Cowrywise app.
  • Click on Referrals then copy your referral URL and code into the box.
  • Invite friends to Cowrywise by sharing your referral link and code with them.
  • After registering for an account, make sure you let them know where to go to receive their free N1,000 referral bonus by providing them with the instructions above.
  • Once they follow the steps, they’ll receive an additional N1000 bonus.

How to withdraw registration Bonus on Cowrywise

You will be able to withdraw your registration bonus on Cowrywise once your N500 investment has reached it’s maturity date.

Once it’s matured, open the app and select the menu at the top left corner.

Locate Stash and click on it, this will bring you to a screen where you will see your money on the available balance, select transfer and choose a bank account to send the money to your Nigeria bank account.

Please note that you might experience some issues with this process, if you tap on Stash and couldn’t find your registration bonus and the N500 you invested there, here is what to do next;

Go to plans, under savings, you will see your balance with a mature label.

You will only see the mature label if your saving has matured. Once you site your balance, you can then cash out your saving and registration bonus.

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