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How To Get Working Free Virtual Credit Card For PayPal Verification 2022

We’ve longed to publish a very detailed article on how people using PayPal can get a free virtual credit card to use for PayPal verification. We did our findings and discovered that most African countries especially Nigeria are suffering to get their PayPal account verified but good thing we are now ready to disclose the best virtual card which you can use to verify your PayPal account, a free virtual credit card no deposit.

It shouldn’t be a new thing to you that, once your PayPal account is successfully created, just right from then, your PayPal account is limited to the amount you can send, receive and withdraw, what PayPal suggest to do to fix this PayPal limits is certainly to link a Debit or Credit Card or a supported Bank Account. Today NairaTechs will successfully showcase how you can get a free virtual credit card to use for PayPal verification or Lift PayPal Limits on your account.


A Virtual Credit Card is simply an online prepaid card issued on a particular digital payment or bank app. Virtual Credit Cards happen to operate exactly like a physical card which you get from a bank or any payment system company like Payoneer.


It is very necessary to link a debit or credit card to your PayPal account, linking a debit or credit card to your PayPal will allow you to enjoy the following;

1. Uplift your PayPal account sending and withdrawing/transfer limits.

2. A linked debit or credit card to your PayPal account set it as a preferred way to pay for stuff online.

3. A linked debit or credit card allows easy top-up of your PayPal balance and Withdrawal funds to the card.

4. Proofs your PayPal account is authentic and very likely to prevent any further sanctions.

This is only available to people from the USA, UK, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya. If you are from any of these countries, congratulations and go ahead to see the full presentation on this virtual credit card free without verification, simply how to get a free virtual credit card for PayPal verification (a guide by NairaTechs).


As I said at the start of the article, virtual credit cards can only be issued through an online payment service or a bank. This won’t be a free virtual credit card without a bank account but we will get our free virtual card on Chipper Cash which is a digital payment service. The below NairaTechs guide on how to use the Chipper USD Card for PayPal verification will vividly explain everything.



1. First, you need to download the latest Chipper Cash App. (Download Here).

#NOTE : Install the app but don’t open it yet, you need the rest of this information.

2. Having successfully installed the Chipper App, if you haven’t registered go ahead and ensure you get your account verified.

3. Now on the Chipper App, click on the Card option just below and click on Claim USD Card. Then provided the necessary details as requested. You will then receive a confirmation that a brand new USD card has been created successfully for you.


4. The very next thing to do is to add little money into the new Chipper USD Card, to do that you need to first top-up your Chipper Wallet which genuinely contains your country’s currency. Then after you need to deposit the USD Card from your Chipper wallet, it will convert to US Dollars according to the Chipper Cash exchange rate.

You need to fund the Chipper virtual USD Card with at least $3 because PayPal will debit the USD card twice when linking it.

5. Having successfully funded the Chipper USD Card, you now need to click on the option that says Show Card Details it will display all the info of the card which is needed by PayPal.

6. Now login to your PayPal account and hover to the account info, then the bank and cards option, and click to link a card. In the space provided, simply enter the Chipper USD Card info just as requested by PayPal.

7. Once you’ve successfully done all of the above, your USD card will be debited twice ($1 and $1.95). The second debit comes with a 4-digit pin which is the verification pin to successfully link the credit card to your PayPal account. So go ahead and enter it.


8. Hurray, you’ve successfully linked a virtual credit card to your PayPal account. Now your PayPal has no limits and you can now carry out any transaction whatsoever on your PayPal account even to withdraw your funds easily.


In Conclusion, this guide by NairaTechs has provided you with how to get a free virtual credit card from Chipper Cash and use it to verify your PayPal account.

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