How To Get Money Out of a Limited PayPal Account

If your PayPal account is limited and you’re still wondering how to get money out of a limited PayPal account. In this guide, you will discover how to fix PayPal Account limitations.

The original truth is that when PayPal Limits your account they will always list out things you can do and things you can’t do with the PayPal account at the moment of limitation.

To those who might be new to the word PayPal limitations, let me clear you here what it means when PayPal limits your account. before I go into giving a precise answer to your question “PayPal account limited can I still buy stuff”?

Reasons For PayPal Account Limitations

Paypal is a very big company and they have policies guiding every PayPal user just like other companies and organizations.

When you go against the Paypal user’s agreements then PayPal will limit your account from certain features till you verify your identity. This is done in order to protect their own business and the user’s interests as well.

So when using Paypal you should know to Policies Guide users to avoid limitations.

Apart from the mere user’s agreements you read from the PayPal page, there are many more reasons why your PayPal account might get limited but among all invalid activities play the largest role. As soon as PayPal notice invalid activities such as mixed IP from different locations, Suspicious transactions then your account is subject to limitation till your identity is well known.

How then Can my ID become a problem?

When Demanded, Our identity isn’t supposed to be a problem if only we use PayPal legally but unfortunately, it will remain a problem since we use PayPal in an illegal way and that’s why we need to make sure by all means to eschew the limitations so we won’t stand a chance of providing identity which we can’t.

We are Nigerians and most of the time we don’t use Nigeria PayPal accounts because of the limitations placed on them instead we use USA PayPal accounts or other countries’ PayPal which can serve our business better.

Now tell me “How can you provide the real identity of your USA residence or other United State-Based Documents when you’re a Nigerian?” that’s one reason we do everything to make sure our account doesn’t get limited because if it happens there might be no way out.

Most of the folks who have gotten limited and couldn’t find a way out are stuck to questions like “My PayPal account is limited can I still buy stuff online?” Let me throw a little light on that.

My PayPal account is limited can I still Shop Online?

If your account gets limited, it’s very certain you cannot bypass PayPal limited account to spend the money from the Freezed PayPal account unless you provide the necessary information required of you.

But I noticed that when PayPal places limitations on some accounts, they can still have access to use their funds for online shopping but they cannot send out, they cannot receive or do other transactions.

While in some limited PayPal accounts you can receive funds but you can neither send out nor shop with your funds.

In that case, Paypal has a different method of placing limitations depending on the policy you violate or in areas you go against their terms and conditions of users’ agreement.

How To Fix PayPal Account limitations

When your PayPal account gets limited, There’s always a notification on the dashboard. Click on it and you will see the documents to provide and also areas where your account can’t function. You might not see anything related to shopping so you will have to experiment with that yourself.

You should go online and do some shopping by placing an order with the limited PayPal account to see if it works. If your PayPal account work when placing an order from some online stores with PayPal shopping carts then it means you can use your PayPal money for shopping but when it shows an error or couldn’t go through for whatever reason, it means the account is also limited from Online shopping.

You need to experiment with this yourself because PayPal might not state it in your limitation note. So until you try it out you may not know if your limited PayPal account can buy online or not.

Avoiding Paypal Limitations

Am also using the USA and United Arab Emirates (UAE) PayPal accounts and both are still active with many transaction records without limitation.


Am not saying am perfect with PayPal but with carefulness and understanding, you can at least use them longer than expected even if they happen to ban your account in the future.

One thing that PayPal hates most from my studies is huge funds on a shot. Let me explain.

When you begin to receive above $500 on a single transaction PayPal eyes are on you. it’s like their machines will alert them that hey someone has made another big transaction here kindly come and check on him and that will draw their attention to access your account thoroughly. And they will always see some signs of invalid activities no matter how.

If I have huge funds to take, I split them into two: One goes to my USA PayPal and the other goes to my UAE PayPal account….

If I want to withdraw, after withdrawing the one that goes to the USA PayPal account to my Payoneer bank I can then transfer the leftover funds from the UAE PayPal to the USA PayPal and then cash out to Payoneer again instead of receiving the whole funds once to just one PayPal account.

I don’t transact above 250$ per send or per receive and with that my PayPal account has been very safe for me.

Mind you: There are many other reasons why your account might get limited among which we have an IP conflict but I was able to find a better way of managing my USA PayPal account without a VPN

One other important Note you should mind is: Paypal security questions as that can also help.

As soon as you set up your USA or other PayPal account, you should set up security questions to guide your PayPal against the evil days. This is because in most cases you might just be asked to recover your account with the security questions you set when limited but if you skip that hmmm your case will be a different one.

Don’t leave money in your PayPal account because PayPal is no man’s business so no one can guarantee you 100% safety when it comes to using PayPal accounts. You can hardly meet PayPal money in my account because once I get them the next action is transferred to my account whether small or big.

Am doing this just in case anything happens in the future I won’t have any loss to bear and I will also want you to do that.

Can I Get Back My Limited PayPal Account?

Yes, you can get back your limited PayPal account if only you can provide the documents required.

But getting the credentials as a non-citizen won’t be that easy at all.

What about getting my money from a limited PayPal account?

I learned your funds can be pulled out from a limited PayPal account but most of those who render this service goes with 50/50 and you must have enough funds inside the limited PayPal account.

I haven’t tried them yet because non of my PayPal account has been limited so why should I test them.

You can check that out if your PayPal is limited with some good funds.

Conclusion: How To Get Money Out of a Limited PayPal Account

Am sure the above post has gone beyond answering your question if you can buy online when your PayPal account gets limited but you have also learned many other things such as how to avoid PayPal limitations, How to handle your PayPal safely etc…

I still have more PayPal experience to share with you so don’t go away without sharing this post and also subscribing to my newsletters. You’re also free to comment. We all are learners and your opinion can help our readers.

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