Our Packages


  1. Beta Basic

Beta Basic would give posters or sellers the ability to post their ad for free but not more than 3 ads on the site in a month. This is to promote other products and upsell posters and sellers. Note posters or sellers would be able to post another 3 ads in addition to their previous month posted ads; this is to increase the number of inventory on the site.


  1. Beta Premium

Beta Premium is a package that also allow poster or sellers post an ad on the site for free with no limit to what they can post on the site, but with a monthly charge. Beta Premium charge would be decided based on a feasibility study of what other classified sites are charging, as we want our charge to be more flexible, considerable and affordable.


  1. Beta Plus

Beta Plus is a package that allow posters and sellers post an ad on the site for free with no limit to what they can post, but Betadeals.ng will directly be involved in the sale of all posted ad and make sure its smooth, convenient and safe for both buyers and sellers with a bit of commission to be earned by Betadeals.ng. Once any poster or seller under this product package post any ad on the site, they will get contacted by our telesales representative or if any of our sales agent post for any poster or seller, they will communicate with the seller and get the best and last selling price from the poster or seller.