Our Services


  1. Every first time posters or sellers would be verified before their ad is approved on the

website, and this would be done by verifying that their phone number(s) and email is correct and they could be reached at all time on the provided contact details.


  1. All posted ads on the site must be with of realistic price; only ads posted with a realistic price and considered good deals and would be approved to the site, such ads would be from Beta Basic and Beta Premium posters or sellers.
  2. All registered account must be done by choosing a particular account on the site from the 3 types of product account.


  1. Posters or sellers would be able to promote their ad on the site for the period of 7 days, and this would be done by purchasing one of our products called Beta Premium Listing, the promoted ads will be advertised with a unique sign or background. Beta Premium listing will give sellers the ability to increase their chances of selling an item ten times more than normal ad post on the site.


  1. Posters or sellers would have the ability to showcase their ads on a particular page, to increase their chances of sales, and give buyers the choice of picking from any of their advertised ad on a particular page rather from searching through pages.


  1. Posters or sellers ads would be advertised for the period of 90 days before deactivating it from the site. If any deactivated ad is found not sold at the expiration date of 90 days, such poster or seller can re-post such ad to the site for another 90 days window.


  1. At random posters or sellers would get advice on re-posted ads after 90 days since the ad was not sold within the initial 90 days. Such advice would be based on looking at the ads location and price and also putting number of contacted leads into consideration.


  1. Customers will always get notification when their ad goes live on the site, and as such get notification if there ad gets rejected from the site or if deactivated after its expiration time.